to pound the equilibrium

The present sprinkled and sprinkled. It seems like summer has come

It will rain from tomorrow

Will it cool down genuinely expecting it storms

It’s been some time since I posted this blog

I truly visited a bistro called Gimpo Holdeom

Free Holdem Tournament Event will be held tight June 20th That’s the explanation

It was worked with on the 온라인홀덤 third floor of the CGV working in Unyang-dong

I visited the TSOP Holdeom Cafe

Not long after 6 to pound the equilibrium

An other party came

A degree of 3 tables, 12 people for each table, are held at the genuinely inspect table

I’ve been to Full Potholm or KMGM

It’s my first time here at a bistro work in Holdeom Tourism

Since I everything shed out try to stay from alcohol, Holdham Pub now and again misss the cutting for me well as a last resort

I think TSOP Holdom Café is the place where you can look at the tremendous Holdom game

I think I’ll come constantly

Everyone is playing with alert

Holdem is a system and mental getting

They say it’s a frontal cortex game, and I envision truly

I heard you used to be gigantically speculative

There were an other party who looked down on me

These days, Holdeom Café, Holdeom Pub, Holdeom Toner Café, etc

I’m especially happy that I look strong

TSOP Holdeom Cafe Tournament

Tense strain

My standard concern was inside part

He respected the striking and shocking look

It was genuinely cool

Holdham challenge last table

It’s finally the last table

Who will win

This check will be held at the TSOP Holdeom Cafe
They are running a test perpetually

The central spot champ is the Golden Turtle. The going with champ is 300,000 obsessions and the third spot is 200,000 focus interests

I overpowered a really yielded stretch of time range early

The third-place champ came in third

I turn that you’re strikingly gifted

Would you have the decision to do this in a one on one situation

You’re number one in Ahi

All around astonishing done to the first and next in line victors

I envy the frontal cortex blowing turtle

I should win the prize money in the going with challenge.

I heard that TSOP Holdeom Café shows a standard discussion anxiously

A business district ticket will be given through the Daily Tenor

It’s so hot

Right when life is crushing

Take a gander at the Holdham game at the Holdham Cafe

I feel like I will lose all my stress right away

The hotness of Gimpo Holdeom can be washed in one blow

It was a TSOP Holdeom bistro visitor

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